Student Support - Attendance Procedures


Gosford High School does not have roll call. Instead, students are issued with a swipe card and are to “swipe on” when they arrive at school. The swipe machines are located in the Administration Block. In addition, teachers will record attendance electronically, period by period.
If a student forgets to swipe on, then he/she should let Mr Burge or the Attendance Officer  know as soon as possible (even if it is a few days later).
No swipe card: If a student does not have their swipe card, he/she must sign on near Mr Burge’s office. If the swipe card has been lost, the student must pay $5.00 at the main office and take the receipt directly to the Attendance Office so that a replacement card can be ordered. 
Late Arrival: If a student is late, he/she should report to the Attendance Office. In most cases, a note is requested. If, for example, a train or bus is late, then the student is not marked as late and a note is not required.
Absences: If a student is absent from school an SMS is sent on the day of the absence. It is a requirement that a note explaining the absence is submitted within 7 days. Please clearly indicate the student’s name, date of absence and reason for absence. If a holiday or another type of leave is known in advance, please notify the school in the same fashion.
There is a letterbox near the swipe-on machines in Administration for absentee notes.
Passouts:  Occasionally, it is necessary for a student to request a passout to leave school early. Requests for passouts are to be in writing and require: the student’s name, date and departure time required and a caregiver’s signature.
Passout letters are placed in the blue letterbox outside the Head Teacher Administration’s Office by 9.10 am. Passout slips are then available for collection at Recess one from the Attendance Office. Passouts cannot be given so that students may attend part-time employment.