Student Support - Year 7 Enrichment Program

This skills based course has a focus on the pedagogy of project based learning and applies student voice while integrating skills recognised for the 21st century. Through collaborative projects, students engage in critical thinking and reflective writing while working on open-ended real world scenarios. Students collaborate in open learning environments and communicate research findings creatively with a 2 minute thesis and an electronic presentation to an authentic audience. Students document all work electronically to their ePortfolio. Self, peer and group assessment is applied allowing reflection on skill development and personal performance.

The course is characterised with:

  • A cohesive structure of student experiences focusing on critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication.
  • Close bonds between the student and the teacher through a Project based learning focus to ensure a Personalised approach to learning
  • A collaborative inquiry model of research where students are encouraged to discover and sort information, take action and reflect.
  • Student voice where proactive behaviour and taking responsibility for individual and group learning is achieved through shared decision making. Student led actions of project findings are expressed to an authentic audience.

A ‘core’ of 21st Century skills is integral to student experiences and these are embedded throughout the modules of Term 1 and the collaborative project work for terms 2, 3 and 4. Themes within Term 1 include positive psychology; signature strengths, friendship formation and wellbeing, 21st century readiness, connectedness to school community enhance personal growth through a supportive personalised learning community. Students record their work to an ePortfolio.

Two Project Based Learning Modules apply the 21st Century skills of critical thinking, collaboration; creativity and communication are documented to an ePortfolio. The modules are:

  1. My Climate Clever Life: Students work in small groups to research how energy is manufactured and used locally, nationally and globally. The impact of traditional energy usage on the environment is a central theme. Students conduct an energy audit of the school using power and lux meters and synthesise their findings. A proposal for a product or system is developed and expressed to the wider community for possible funding and implementation.
  2. My Message to the World: Students collaborate to develop a message and script then they direct and produce a short film for our own 'GHS' short film festival. Students are required to think critically and be creative while using digital media. Each film will also meet the criteria for the Junior SMH Tropfest, allowing students an opportunity for a real world experience.