Student Support - What Parents Should Know About Instagram


What parents should know about Instagram


The simplest way to stay informed is to ask your child what apps and social media they know about and ask them to show you how they work.
It's a good, non-threatening approach because:
  • kids and teens find out about new apps, games and social networks long before we do
  • even less chatty teens tend to enjoy the chance to share their expertise
  • you'll narrow your focus down to only those social networks and apps your kids use
  • it  opens up the conversation about social media tools and their social life in general
  • if you ask your child to show you how to "block" other users, "report" abuse,  "delete" their own posts and change their privacy settings, you'll learn how it's done but also know they're able to use those  options if they need to.
The good news is we don't have to be social media experts to keep our kids safe, but we do have to be good communicators and talk to them regularly about their social lives – both on and offline.