Student Support - GHS Canteen

The Canteen is conducted by a committee formed from the P & C Association. It is managed by paid supervisors and staffed by voluntary helpers, working on a roster system. The profit made by the Canteen is used to purchase equipment to improve the school.


The Canteen is open every morning from 8.30 am to 8.55 am and during recess and lunch breaks. Items may not be purchased outside of these times unless written authority is given by a teacher. Items can be purchased during 10 minute recess.


  • Window far right end – Senior end. Only Years 11 and 12 may be served from this window.
  • Middle windows – All items except hot food for all years.
  • Windows far left end – hot foods (plus all other items when purchased with hot food)


  1. No one is to enter the Canteen without the Supervisor’s permission.
  2. No bulk buying is allowed. A limit of four items per person exists.
  3. Two people are to queue at each window simultaneously. All other students are to queue behind the white lines.

The Canteen is not run by the school but by the P&C Association. The Canteen raises over $20000 each year but its main aims are to keep the food at reasonable prices and ensure a varied as well as healthy range.

There is always a shortage of voluntary help and any offers of assistance are greatly appreciated. We try to make sure that all our volunteers have an enjoyable and social day. The only requirements are willing hands, a sense of humour and reliability.

The Canteen Supervisors can be contacted for further information on 4324 7969 during school hours. We look forward to hearing from you.